Xbox Console Shortages Hit Major eSports Event

Xbox Console Shortages leads to Dev Kits in Esports.

Trying to buy a current generation console is difficult at the moment due to the global parts shortages and problems with the global supply lines. While you would expect Microsoft to have no trouble getting enough Xbox consoles when they need some for an event, the Xbox manufacture is having trouble too. The latest Halo Infinite tournament doesn’t have enough Xbox Series X consoles for the event so some players will have to use development consoles instead.

The 343 esport lead Tahir Hasandjekic announced on Twitter ( that some players would need to use dev kits running in retail mode. He states that the dev kits are “functionally identical” so players will have the “exact same experience”. While players will be using something that looks different to the Xbox Series X, they function the same.

Hasandjekic states that the reason for this is global supply chain shortage issues which has led to problems with electronics and other goods. Considering Microsoft creates Xbox consoles, the difficulty getting consoles for a tournament shows the extend of the problem.

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