XBOX Cloud on Steam Deck

Steam Deck now has Xbox Cloud Streaming support

It’s been announced by Microsoft that the Steam Deck now supports Xbox Cloud streaming. This is different to the Xbox Game Pass but this new addition means that any game that runs through the Xbox Cloud service is now playable on the Steam Deck. However, this is only possible thought the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has released a Support Page ( to explain how to get Xbox Cloud gaming working on the Steam Deck. It explains how to setup Microsoft Edge from scratch and from after the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta. 

Microsoft has also released a list of their games compatible with the Steam Deck as an announcement on Steam ( All of those games have been verified for full compatibility. It also lists a handful of games not supported due to the anticheat software used for those games. Sadly this means that Halo Infinite, Halo Masterchief Collection, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Gears 5 will not be playable for Steam Deck owners.


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