Wolf Among Us 2 Trailer

The Wolf Among Us 2 finally gets a trailer

The Wolf Among Us 2 is a game that many thought would never happen and after almost ten year, Bigby Wolf is back. Telltale Games has unveiled an in-engine trailer of the game and shared some details about the long awaited adventure

The direct sequel is set six months after the first game but still takes place before the Fables comic series.  The Wolf Among Us 2 will keep its episodic structure though it will work slightly differently this time. It’s being developed as one project which means Telltale can release the episodes much closer together than they did with the original game. 

It will focus on Bigby and his connection to the characters in the game. Considering the new game begins with him being suspended from the police force, it seems like his anger problems haven’t improved.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is planned for a 2023 release though no official window has been confirmed yet.

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