Will the Microsoft Surface Book 4 have NVIDIA RTX?


According to the latest rumors that have appeared on the net, Microsoft could be preparing a new next-generation Surface Book laptop, although it could be something unrecognizable for what is usual for the company. It may not be called Surface Book at all, it would not have a detachable screen and, in fact, its 14-inch screen will have a high refresh rate and would be powered by a dedicated NVIDIA RTX graphics, turning the alleged Surface 4 into a full-fledged gaming laptop.

For better or worse, Microsoft has been stuck to the same design with its Surface Book since 2015. The series has added a 15-inch option, a USB-C connector, and a significantly redesigned keyboard platform in the six years since the initial model’s release, but most changes have been strictly internal, and the design has stayed mostly same, until now.

A radical change to the Surface 4: will it be a gaming laptop?

Until recently, Microsoft Surface devices have always been focused on work and design, with touchscreens and powerful enough technology to operate effectively in office settings. However, according to the source of this news article, Microsoft may change things up with the future Surface Book 4, beginning with a name change.

Microsoft is expected to introduce the gadget as part of its Surface Laptop line, possibly as the Surface Laptop Pro or Surface Laptop Studio. However, because the source of these speculations has not been validated, they continue to refer to this putative gadget as the Surface Book 4.

According to the source, the device will have a non-removable screen, unlike previous iterations, thus we will no longer be dealing with a 2-in-1 device to have a simple regular laptop. Sources say that the screen would have a 3:2 aspect ratio and be 15 inches in size, which would be a considerable shift in design from the previous three iterations of the device.

They have also mentioned that the display would support dynamic refresh rate (VRR), a new Windows 11 feature that will obviously be supported by this device.

Furthermore, the Surface Book 4 would have dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, which should come as no surprise at this time, but would make the device not just more powerful for 3D work but also fairly ideal for gaming. According to the insider, the Surface Book 4 will also support the new Surface Pen with built-in haptic feedback.

When will we know for sure?

As you might expect, there are many concerns about the future of Microsoft’s next laptop, beginning with its pricing. If Surface products have always been costly, imagine how much one of these devices with a high refresh rate display and NVIDIA RTX graphics will cost. In any event, it doesn’t appear that we’ll be long before we’re out of the woods and have at least final specs for the device. If nothing changes, Microsoft’s official announcement might take place in October, during its normal yearly hardware showcase.

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