Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves removes multiplayer for PC and PS5


Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves has received it’s ESRB classification for the upcoming PS5 and PC release next year. The ESRB (https://www.esrb.org/ratings/38182/Uncharted%3A+Legacy+of+Thieves+Collection/) classification reveals something interesting about these versions of the game compared to the original PS4 one. According to the rating, there are “no Interactive Elements” in the upcoming release.

The Uncharted 4 expansion The Lost Legacy contained a cooperative survival mode while Uncharted 4 first launched with a competitive multiplayer. Based on the ESRB rating for the upcoming bundle, there will be no multiplayer components in these games. In contract to this, the original Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy classifications also mentioned online interactions being in the games.

It’s uncertain why Sony would decide to exclude the multiplayer aspects of the Uncharted games from the new release. There’s potential these features could be added at a later date however.

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