Ubisoft sends you an email if you don’t play Far Cry 6 enough


Far Cry 6 has finally been launched and the GameIndustry.biz Managing Editor has revealed something interesting. The Managing Editor, Brendan Sinclair, posted to Twitter about his unusual discovery about Ubisoft sending out spam emails to players who stopped playing Far Cry 6. It seems as though they only email players with a low play time.

Posting to Twitter, Sinclair provides screenshots on the email from Ubisoft. The message that comes with the email is “It was amusing watching you fail” which then leads into the main antagonist of the game thanking the recipient for giving them “free rein in Yara”. The email ends with “Surely you can do better than this” with Sinclair’s playtime underneath which was three hours.

Similar reports have been made in the past for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and it looks like Ubisoft intends to continue spamming players with a low hour count in the game.


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