Ubisoft ‘banning’ players for sending support tickets?!

Ubisoft ‘banning’ players for sending support tickets for Splinter Cell Blacklist

While there are rumours of a new Splinter Cell game floating about, fans of the series are retuning to older games to tide them over until a new game arrives. For Splinter Cell Blacklist, there’s been a bit of recent drama.

Posting to the official Ubisoft forums the Head of Customer Relationship Center, Tara Johnson Reichley, stated that players asking why the servers weren’t working would receive a ban. The original posted stated that support tickets on the issues would earn a 7-day ban which would prevent them from playing games. 

The post was quickly taken down and Ubisoft claims the post was made by someone impersonating a Ubisoft employee. Ubisoft representatives reached out to Kotaku (https://kotaku.com/ubisoft-threatens-splinter-cell-fans-with-bans-if-they-1848121131) to explain that the user responsible for the comments are now banned.

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