Two Point Campus Delayed

Two Point Campus Has Been Delayed until August

Developer Two Point Studios has announced that their upcoming university management game has been delayed slightly. Originally set for a May 17th release, Two Point Campus will now release in August instead. The announcement was made in a new “developer vision” video from the team.

While news of the delay might be disappointing to some, the video comes with a lot of new in-game footage. It also reveals that the students attending your university will be different to the patients of Two Point Hospital. In Two Point Campus, the students will have more personality and form relationships with other students. Players will be able to encourage and directly shape the students that attend their school by helping them in their romantic relationships, starting clubs and creating communities for them to join.

Two Point Campus will now release on August 9th instead. The team aims to use the extra time to better optimise the game for all platforms.


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