Twitch Now On Nintendo Switch

Twitch App now available for Nintendo Switch

Twitch is now officially available on the Nintendo Switch! The application is available for download on the Nintendo eShop worldwide. It’s been more than four years since the Nintendo Switch was released, and the streaming platform has finally arrived for the Nintendo Switch.

The Twitch application is a 31 MB download but it doesn’t contain all the standard features of Twitch seen on other platforms. While it does allow users to watch streams, it doesn’t allow for streaming on Twitch and places limits on the chat. It’s not possible to view or use the chat on Twitch when accessing the Nintendo Switch version. However, you have the option of authorising your mobile phone to access the chat instead.

The Switch version might be a little limited but Twitch is finally on the Nintendo Switch. The application can be downloaded globally from the eShop.

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