Titanfall has been delisted

The original Titanfall has been delisted.

Titanfall is no longer for sale and the original game is being removed from subscription services starting March 1st 2022. Making a sudden announcement on Twitter, Respawn has revealed that the original Titanfall game is being delisted and taken offline. There was no warning about the game being removed from sale ahead of time which is bad news for anyone who has been enjoying the game on different subscription services.

While Titanfall is being suddenly removed from sale, Respawn did note that the servers will not be going offline. This means that those who own the game can still load it up and drop into online matches against others who own the game. For those who were playing through a subscription service, it will not be possible to play the game from March 2022 and it’s no longer possible to purchase it.

Respawn also assures fans that this isn’t the end of the Titanfall universe and nothier is changing for Titanfall 2. The playerbase for the original game has decreased over the years and the number of hackers has increased. No official reason for the delisting was provided but these two are suspected to be the main culprits.

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