The Shrek 5 Prank

Steam Gamers hit by a Shrek 5 Prank

Steam users have been reporting that a game called “Shrek 5” has appeared in their Steam library and they have no idea where it game from. The Shrek 5 ‘game’ will launch but it just opens a picture of Shrek with the series iconic song All Star by Smash Mouth playing in the background. 

YouTuber Wulf Fy explains the cause of this ‘game’ on Steam in a YouTube video released in 2021. In short, the Shrek 5 game is actually an indie shooter game called SCRAM which seems to have been abandoned. The developer changed the name of the game and its contents on Steam as a prank but, they didn’t own the rights to Shrek. 

While it wasn’t going to be a permanent change, the developer was banned before they could change it back. Now SCRAM will forever be Shrek 5 on Steam unless Valve decides to get involved.


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