The Quarry – Announced

Supermassive Games announces The Quarry

The developer behind Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology has revealed a brand new horror game. Supermassive Games has announced The Quarry and a full announcement trailer is now available.

The Quarry is not the fourth and final entry to season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology, it’s a brand new IP. It’s a story focused horror experience which will be similar to previous games from the developer where it will swap between characters at specific points. Like normal, players can dictacte how the story unfolds through their choices, actions, successes and failures. There are nine playable characters and any of them can die throughout the game.

It’s not yet clear what the story is for The Quarry but the trailer does suggest several possible trajectories. We do know it will take 7 – 10 hours to complete the game depending on how many and which characters survive.

The Quarry will release June 10th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and also PC.


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