The Pokemon Police

Two Police Officers have been fired for catching Pokemon instead of Criminals

Two Los Angeles police officers have been fired for ignoring a robbery in progress. The pair were too busy playing Pokemon Go and went to catch a Snorlax instead.

According to the court documents, the two officers appealed to have their termination reversed. Both of them were found to be guilty on multiple counts of misconduct after the footage from their digital in-car video system recorded the whole thing. Former officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were seen ignoring their duty to assist a commanding officer in response to a robbery in progress and playing Pokemon Go while on duty.

Hilariously, the court records note that while the officers were going to the Snorlax, a Togetic also appeared. Both officers seem to have lied in court about not playing the game despite the video evidence.

This isn’t a new incident however. It actually took place in April 2017 but it’s only all wrapping up now.

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