The Last of Us Remake gameplay released


In response to recent leaks, Naughty Dog has released an official gameplay video for its upcoming The Last of Us Remake. Vice President Arne Meyer commented on Twitter ( that leaks are “disheartening and frustrating to teams.” In response to the recent leaks, the developer has released a 10-minute video detailing the game’s features and gameplay.

The video includes interviews with The Last of Us directors about “how the team went in and rebuilt” the game for the remake. The title has been completely rebuilt and overhauled to take advantage of the most recent generations of technology.

The accompanying PlayStation Blog post ( goes into greater detail and confirms that The Last of Us remake on PS5 can render Native 4K at 4K or dynamic 4K at 60fps. It also has the 3D audio that the PS5 supports when using TV speakers or analog/USB stereo headphones.


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What Have They Done?! Splatoon 3

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