The Last of Us 2 Cut Content


Director Neil Druckmann has previously spoken about cut scenes from The Last of Us 2 in the past and dataminers have found some of this content. The latest datamine reveals boar hunting, a playable dance scene and an early prototype of Jackson.

YouTuber Speclizer teamed up with Angel-gbc to release a new video revealing the cut content from The Last of Us 2. Originally it was going to include a scene set on Ellie and Dina’s farm that included Ellie hunting a boar. We also learn that during the Jackson portion of the game, the team had planned to include a playable dance scene but this was only featured in an early version of The Last of Us 2.

While the discoveries are nothing major, they do offer us more insight into the development on the game. Druckmann previously commented that the boar hunting scene was cut due to production issues but it was playable at one point.


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BEST Games Coming To Nintendo Switch!

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