Terminator Survival Announced

Terminator Survival Project Announced

The Terminator franchise is getting a new game, according to Nacon. The company has only recently announced the “Terminator Survival Project,” which is most likely a working title for the upcoming new game.

Although not much is known about the Terminator Survival Project, it has been confirmed that it will be the first open world survival game set in the Terminator universe. A pair of glasses are seen on the floor inside a warehouse before the door opens to reveal a Terminator. The glasses resemble Sarah Conner’s from Terminator 2, and given the Terminator’s penchant for assassinating the Connor family, it appears to be hers.

The new game will be coming to PC and consoles “in the distant future”. It will be some time before we see any gameplay from the upcoming nw Terminator game but hopefully we’ll be getting some news later this summer at Gamescom 2022.


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