Tango Gameworks is already working on a new game


During the Xbox event at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, the Tango Gameworks founder appeared alongside Xbox head Phil Spencer. Tango Gameworks studio founder Shinji Mikami took a moment to announce the studio was working on a brand new game already.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be releasing in 2022 but the developer is already hard at work on a new project as well. The new game from Tango Gameworks has been confirmed to have the director of The Evil Within 2 working on it. During the TGS Xbox show, Phil Spencer encouraged Mikami to talk a bit about the Tango Gameworks philosophy of helping new talent. Mikami pointed out that John Johanas, the director of The Evil Within 2, is in the middle of a new game.

There was no other information about what the new game is or when we might hear anything more about it. While this could be another game for The Evil Within series, it might be something totally different.

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