Super Metroid Artwork

Nintendo Graces Us with HD Super Metroid Artwork Ahead of Metroid Dread Release

In a few short weeks – on the 8th of October to be exact – Nintendo will release the latest instalment to the Metroid franchise, where intergalactic space bounty hunter Samus will return to our lives, making his debut on the Nintendo Switch platform. The all-new instalment, titled Metroid Dread, is being co-developed by the team over at MercurySteam, who are the developers behind the amazing Metroid: Samus Returns instalment that was released on the Nintendo 3DS. 

To get fans of the series hyped up, Nintendo has officially graced us with ‘Metroid history’ on various platforms, such as their Twitter page, possibly trying to prepare out palettes for the amazing Samus adventure that is very soon to come. 

The latest post regarding the Metroid history sees Nintendo of America reminiscing about the 1993 SNES classic Super Metroid; which saw the famed bounty hunter Samus return to Planet Zebes to recover the Metroid hatchling that had been stolen by his foe Ridley – if these names sound familiar, that is because they are both playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Alongside this piece of anecdotal reminiscence of much simpler times, when games were predominantly two-dimensional, Nintendo also bestowed upon the fans a plethora of high-resolution artwork from the Super Metroid universe and game. These never-before seen images reveal beautiful and stunning images of some of our favorite characters from the game, including Samus, Kraid, Ridley and the famed Gunship. 

2021 happens to be the Metroid franchise’s 35th anniversary – which alongside the new release of Metroid Dread means Nintendo is paying extra focus to the series. If you desperately want to adventure with Samus on your Switch and can’t wait until October the 8th, if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription you can enjoy the 1993 classic Super Metroid via Nintendo’s NSO SNES service. 


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