Super Castlevania IV Retro Games Review


Super Castlevania IV Retro Gameplay Review. After streaming Super Castlevania IV we wanted to review the gameplay of this retro gaming classic and to see if it’s a game you should buy or play in 2021.

Gameplay capture on the SNES Classic Mini

Obviously this in all time classic from the Metroidvania genre, and in truth the game and gameplay still holds up to todays standards. For sure the D-Pad controls and confusing UI do make this a little rigid feeling, but once you overcome those initial teething issues, there’s still hours of fun to be had in this classic Castlevania IV.

As far as challenges goes, this is right up there and will test even the most hardened retro gamers. For sure Castlevania IV on the SNES isn’t as hard as some of the older NES games in the Castlevania franchise, but Castlevania IV offers very little learning curve and even less forgiveness in the game. Health is infrequent and the enemies unrelenting.

There is some gameplay mechanics in here that are way ahead of it’s time and in summary Super Castlevania IV is a massively enjoyable game to play, even in 2021.


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