Stray PS5 Gameplay Preview

Mike Alexander
We preview the release of Stray on the Playstation 5. After 6 years of development we can finally live the wonderful Cyberpunk-esque world of Stray on the PlayStation with the glorious graphics, awesome and unique gameplay with the release of Stray on PS5.

Stray Is FINALLY Here!!

Rain-soaked streets, the hazy glow and low buzz of neon lights, and a city inhabited solely by automatons. Slinking through the shadows is a lone feline. Injured and lost, this helpless cat must navigate this inhospitable place, tiny paws pitter-pattering over wet pavement, in hopes of being reunited with its family. 

This is Stray, the first project by indie development studio BlueTwelve. Stray is a third-person adventure game with a unique, albeit underpowered hero. Players will take over the fuzzy visage of a stray cat that finds itself adrift in a sea of cyberpunk vibes.

With Stray’s release date finally looming near after a protracted development cycle, let’s take a look at some of the features and mechanics the game will offer when it is finally in gamers’ hands.

A Sci-Fi Setting

Stray makes a very strong first impression with its setting. According to the game’s website, the entire adventure takes place within a “long-forgotten city”. The air of mystery that descriptor evokes is unmatched, and seeing the game in motion only adds to that feeling. 

The game clearly takes place in some kind of distant future, as is made apparent by the lack of humans and masses of robots that roam the streets and operate as vendors/helpers. However, the exact nature of the time period is unclear. 

Where did the cat come from? Do humans exist at all in this time? Is this cat the only living thing in this universe? These questions and more will hopefully be answered in the game’s full release.

Feline Funny Business

While the mysterious Blade Runner-esque city looks like it will be a robust locale, the star of the show is without a doubt the titular Stray. Playing as a small cat in such a big city gives players a unique perspective, one where all of your goals appear to be far out of reach. 

However, if you’ve ever met a cat in real life, you know that nothing is out of reach for them, and the cat in Stray is no different. Players will have access to the full array of feline movements, including jumping and climbing in a seemingly impossible manner. 

The cat-isms don’t stop at traversal either. The game has a dedicated “meow” button, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to push breakable objects off of high ledges. There is also a realistic scratch damage system in place for when you interact with certain walls and pieces of furniture to sharpen your claws. With all of this considered, Stray might be the most in-depth cat simulator ever made.

Companion Drone

Thankfully, our hero won’t need to go on this adventure alone. Early in the game, the stray will gain a companion in the form of a drone named B12. This helpful little bot will provide translation services so the cat can communicate with the robot citizens of the city when needed. B12 will also help manage your inventory and aid in interactions throughout the environment.


Stray has been BlueTwelve Studio’s only project since Annapurna Interactive agreed to publish the game way back in 2016. Now, six years later, the game will finally break cover. You can pick up Stray on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC when it hits the streets on July 19th.


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