Steam sets a new all-time high for concurrent users


Steam users have blasted through another milestone, just by being logged into Steam together at the same time. This time, there was 27,182,165 players online all at once which is an incredible achievement for the PC gaming platform.

Steam tracking website SteamDB ( also reveals that the last record was 26.9 million players which was set in April. The new record is now 27.1 million players and another record was also broken too. While there was 27.1 concurrent users online, 7.8 million of them were actively in-game and playing something all at once. The new number record for number of players in game at once stands at 7,835,499.

The upward trend for Steam really took off in January 2020 thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since there, the record for concurrent users has been broken over 5 times and it doesn’t seems to be slowing down.

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