Steam Deck delayed into 2022

Shock horror… the steam deck is delayed!!

Valve has released a new update about the Steam Deck handheld device. Releasing an update for consumers who have paid a deposit, Valve has revealed the device has now been delayed into next year. The handheld gaming system has been given a two month delay and pushed out of the expected December release.

The update reveals that various problems have caused this need for a delay including the global supply chain issues, material shortages and component delays. All of which are outside of Valve’s control but thankfully, the delay isn’t too big.

Steam Deck is now listed for a February 2022 release date and Valve confirms the shipping queue order will not be changed. Those who pre-ordered the device first will be the first people to receive a Steam Deck when shipping begins in February 2022. Valve will be updating customers in the future as it locks down the new reservation dates for the device.

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