Stalker 2 NFT Canned

Stalker 2 NFT inclusion has been u-turned

GSC Game World has announced that the decision to introduce NFTs to Stalker 2 has been u-turned. The NFT addition was announced less than two days ago by the developer and gamers didn’t have the best reaction. In response to the backlash, GSC Game World has announced the change has now been changed.

The studio released a statement to Twitter ( stating that due to the “feedback”received, the developer will “cancel anything NFT-related” in the game. So far, the response to this announcement has been very positive. The developer states that the interests of players and fans of the series are “the top priority for the team” which is part of the reason why GSC Game World has decided to do a u-turn on the NFT decision

Stalker 2: Hear of Chernobyl will finally release on April 28th 2022. It was first announced in 2012 where it fell into a 12 year development period filled with problems.

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