Splinter Remake Update

Ubisoft reveals some details on the Splinter Cell Remake

A remake of the iconic 2002 stealth game Splinter Cell is currently in the works and Ubisoft has shed some light on the new project. A lot has changed since the last Splinter Cell game was released  and Managing Director Istvan Tajnay has had a few things to say about the remake.

Tajnay reveals that Ubisoft Toronto will be taking lead for the remake. Not only does the team feel “pride” for working on the project, it also takes them back to when they were recruited to be the sole developers for the 2013 Splinter Cell: Blacklist game. “Splinter Cell is fully part of the studio’s DNA, and the studio’s roots” so them working on the remake is a big deal for the studio.

The Splinter Cell remake is being built fresh in the Snowdrop engine which was used for The Division 2 and is being used to create the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Dynamic lighting and shadows will also be included in the level design.

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