Sony’s Acquisition Answer

Sony Acquires Bungie and has their eye on more studios

It’s been revealed that Sony has just purchased Bungie for $3.6 billion and the company intends to purchase more this year. The story was first broke by Sony who explains who the new partnership will work.

Bungie will work as an “independent subsidiary” of Sony Interactive Entertainment and be run by a board of directors including the current CEO and the rest of the current management team. In addition to this, it’s been confirmed that Bungie will “remain independent” and continue creating multi-platform games.

While Bungie is currently working on maintaining Destiny 2 and expanding the franchise. The developer is also working on a new IP though there’s no news yet about this. Previously, Bungie has worked on the Halo series and created the trilogy. Bungie left Microsoft after creating Halo: Reach and has been working on Destiny ever since.


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