Sony Game Pass?!

Sony may Unviel its Xbox Game Pass Rival next week

Bloomberg is reporting that the upcoming subscription service from Sony is coming very soon. As previously reported, the new service is expected to combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a new singular subscription. Both of the existing subscription offerings will be phased out afterwards.

The new report claims that Sony may unveil the new service as early as next week. It was supposedly given the codename “Spartacus” and rumour for this new service have existed since late 2021. Not much is known about this but it’s meant to be the PlayStation equvilant for the Xbox Game Pass service. Xbox Game Pass has been a big success for Microsoft and it looks like Sony wants to get in on the action.

According to Bloomberg, the new subscription service is due to be announced next week. There’s been no confirmation yet of any kind of planned event from Sony for the coming week. If the service will be unveiled soon, we can expect Sony to make an announcement within days.


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