Sniper Elite 5 PS5 Gameplay Preview

Sniper Elite 5 PS5 Gameplay Preview. We take a closer look at Sniper Elite 5 on the PlayStation 5. Previewing Sniper Elite 5 PS5 Gameplay, graphics, mechanics and story.

Elite marksman Karl Fairburne returns in the latest installment of the highly popular World War II stealth/tactical shooter series Sniper Elite. In Sniper Elite 5, You will make your way across 1944 France, dealing with the continuing Nazi threat.

Your mission is to put a stop to Operation: Kraken, a mysterious project that might very well win the war for the Axis powers. 

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New and Improved Kill Cam

Sniper Elite’s signature Kill Cam returns better than ever for Sniper Elite 5. Follow the path of your shot in brutal slow motion, followed by a highly detailed X-Ray camera that shows the bullet tearing through the target’s innards. Bullets now bounce and ricochet off of bone realistically, making Kill Cams even more unpredictable.

New to Sniper Elite 5, other weapons now trigger Kill Cams. Pistols and SMGs can now show you the destructive force a hail of bullets has on the human body. See how each individual bullet reacts after making its mark.

Faithfully Recreated locations

Sniper Elite 5 will take you through some real locations in France, all of which have been studied in great detail using professional photogrammetry, ensuring their depiction in the game is as true to life as possible. 

As always, each location is a playground, allowing you to complete objectives in any order and however you see fit. There are multiple points of infiltration and exfiltration, so each replay is full of new opportunities.

Fight Nazis with a Friend

You can also jump into Sniper Elite 5’s missions with a friend! Improved co-op implementation now allows you to share resources, heal each other, and deliver orders.

Co-op opens even more possibilities in the vast levels of Sniper Elite 5. You could have one player go in guns blazing to draw fire while the other sneaks behind for stealth kills, or just mow down all of the enemies together. Either way, they aren’t prepared, and they’ll never expect two of you.

New Traversal Options

You can get around faster and more efficiently than ever with Sniper Elite 5’s brand-new traversal options. You can now slide down steep walls and embankments, use zip lines scattered about, and climb or shimmy along ledges. There have never been more options for reaching your destination or finding a new sniper nest.

Weapon Customization

Throughout France, you will find workbenches where you can upgrade and improve your weapons. Attach all kinds of equipment from scopes and stocks, to bigger magazines and improved barrels. You can even select the best type of ammo for your upcoming scenario. Everything from armor-piercing rounds to non-lethal rubber bullets are available depending on the situation.

New Invasion Mode

Taking a page out of the Dark Souls book, Sniper Elite 5 now also includes an invasion mode. A player can spawn into your session as an enemy sniper, potentially ruining your day. Or, you can call in some backup and a friendly sniper can help you out of a sticky situation.


The Sniper Elite games are always an awesome time, and the new features in Sniper Elite 5 look like they will elevate that enjoyment to new heights.

Sniper Elite 5 will be available on Xbox consoles, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC on May 26th, 2022.


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