Skyrim’s 10th Anniversary Next-Gen Update

Skyrim to Get Fishing Update After 10 Years

Originally blessed upon us nearly 10 years ago back in November of 2011, Bethesda’s continuation of the Elder Scrolls series with the then latest instalment, Skyrim, was a massive feat for gaming and role-playing games. To this day, Skyrim still is one of the most impressive and feature-rich games playable, with a really beautiful story and definitely not bland or dry world that we see very often in more modern RPG’s. 

And it appears that developer Bethesda is not done capitalizing on the success of Skyrim, having released the game on just about every platform possible, including the Nintendo Switch, and having released a plethora of versions of the game.

At the latest QuakeCon, it was announced that a new version of Skyrim would be released; Skyrim: Anniversary Edition. This edition will build upon fundamentally more than 500 ‘community created mods’ for the game and will launch in November of 2021; 10 years after the original. 

But bizarrely enough, and despite a new release on the horizon, Bethesda announced for the latest Skyrim update you don’t even need to buy the Anniversary Edition. Owners of the Skyrim: Special Edition version of the game will receive a brand-new update including fishing – 10 years after the games release. 

It is really bizarre that Bethesda would continue to update Skyrim in such a way – most of the time the newer ‘versions’ of the game include quality of life upgrades and graphical improvements, but this time they are introducing a brand-new mechanic and feature to the game. And what is more interesting, is the update is coming to not even the latest version – wouldn’t they want us to buy the new version so that they can make more money?

Whatever the case, it is clear Bethesda are not letting go of a 10-year-old game – and rightly so, because Skyrim is truly one of the greatest games this generation have been given. It also shows how generous of a developer they are – other developers please take note! 


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