Skyrim Meets Breath of the Wild


Skyrim Meets Breath of the Wild with New Paraglider Mod

Fans of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are oftentimes faced with a major hurdle upon completing the game – how to find a new game that can possibly replace the greatness and beauty of Breath of the Wild. 

Skyrim is one of the most recommended games to players in such a situation, especially due to the fact that it is also on the Nintendo Switch platform, and runs mighty impressively should I add, although not surprising since Skyrim initially ran on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Skyrim is also an open world RPG, where players can do loads of activities and quests besides the main story, just like BotW. I mean seriously, did you really rush to save Princess Zelda, or did you run around looking for Korok seeds? 

Making the transition between BotW and Skyrim can still be tough, however, but a group of Skyrim modders have implemented a key part of BotW into Skyrim that could make the change much easier. 

In a Reddit post from the user u/LuckyWantsABiscuit, a demonstration for a working paragliding mod can be seen – obviously taking inspiration from the Breath of the Wild paraglider in its look and feel. The paraglider functions just as you would expect it would if you have played BotW, and so it is a very nice addition to the game for new players coming along from BotW. 

The mod already has an official NexusMods page and it is available for download right now. All that it requires to begin paragliding across Skyrim’s many peaks and cliffs is to be running Nemesis, which is a small requirement considering the greatness of the mod. 

Unfortunately, as of now this mod is only available on the PC versions of Skyrim, as console and Nintendo Switch versions do not receive the same degrees of customisation through mods. However if you are a fan of Breath of the Wild, be sure to try this mod out in Skyrim as it will definitely breath some new life into the game, and if you have never been a big fan of Skyrim anyway, maybe this is your chance to play it again with the assistance of a great feature ported from the smash-hit success Legend of Zelda title.


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