Skull & Bones rated for Release


After spending almost 10 years in development, Skull & Bones has just been rated for release. The game has had a very rough development process but Ubisoft announced this year they were looking for game testers. In addition to this, there was an overview trailer leak recently which showed what looked to be a complete game.

As listed by VGC, the South Korean rating board ( is listing the upcoming game as “youth not allowed”. This is due to the game containing direct drug expression” and “scenes of drinking, staggering, or smoking” which isn’t surprising. Skull & Bones is about pirates so the reasons behind the rating aren’t surprising to see.

Ubisoft hasn’t provided a new release date for Skull & Bones yet. Based on the new rating and recent leak, it seems like we should be expecting major news on Skull & Bones this summer.


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