Skull & Bones rated for release

Skull & Bones is rated for release in America

This year has seen a lot of rumours claiming that Skull & Bones would be released soon, but there has been no official word from Ubisoft. The game was rated earlier this year in Brazil and South Korea, which seemed to confirm this possibility. The ESRB has now given the game an American rating.

Skull & Bones has received a M rating from the ESRB (, and new rumours suggest that it will be released this year. Tom Henderson, a well-known leaker, claims ( the game will resurface at the beginning of this month. However, he is not the only leaker claiming that the game will be released soon.

Following this, Aggiornamenti Lumia, a well-known Xbox game leaker, announced on Twitter (  that Skull & Bones will be released on November 8th. The leaker also stated that the “Skull & Bones announcement is imminent” and revealed some pre-order bonuses  (

Ubisoft has also confirmed that it will attend Gamescom 2022, despite missing its no-E3 presentation this year. We can expect to see Skull & Bones there if it is released this year.


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