Skate 4 Announced

EA says Skate 4 is coming “soon”

EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke earlier this week on an earnings call and while discussing user-generated content, he mentioned the Skate series.  Originally noticed by TweakTown (, EA states the new Skate gaming will “launch soon” and that user-generated content will be very important to it.

The comment from Wilson was off-handed and was focusing on user-generated content in general regarding various EA games. He stated that it’s been at the “very center” of multiple series including the Sims and modes like FIFA and Madden Ultimate Team. Adding on at the end, Wilson states that “it’s at the very center at the design of Skate which will be launching soon”.

While Skate 4 was announced in E3 2020, there’s been very little news about the game since. EA hasn’t released any gameplay footage of the upcoming game yet but the comment from the CEO suggests the game is almost complete. Hopefully this means that Skate 4 is on track for a 2022 release.


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