Should You Buy WarioWare: Get It Together?

Should You Buy WarioWare Get it Together?

Wario and his crew are back but not just in any rehashing of previous WarioWare games, this time things are quite different from the Wario games of the past. Is it worth buying? Let’s find out!

If you’re unfamiliar with WarioWare games then essentially, they’re a collection of mini games and by mini we mean super mini games as sometimes games can be over in a matter of seconds. These games are short, snappy and often make you panic into doing the wrong thing, which gives them great replay ability, especially when played with friends. These games often utilised Nintendo’s hardware that the game launched on, the DS saw the use of the touch screen and microphone etc. The Wii saw you hold the controller in different ways depending on the games. 

Wario Ware games do have a campaign mode, which until now has been single player only, where you, as an unseen character, must make it past Wario and his crew’s collections of games, each of Wario’s crew has a different type of mini game making it even more fun but the campaign mode is often very short. After completing the campaign, you can often replay mini games with friends. However; this is where WarioWare Get It Together differs from the past entries.

This time around, for the first time ever, you actually play as Wario and each of his crew to squash bugs in each of their level zones that have made their way into Wario’s game that he was making. Gone are the random controls for each mini game too, instead; you only use the analog stick and the A button for attacks. Each character has its own unique abilities or movement styles, for example; Wario can fly around but only charge left and right whereas 18-Volt can’t move at all and instead shoots CDs from a static position and grabs hoops to traverse a level. 

Another huge change for Wario Ware Get it Together is the ability to play the entire campaign 2 player co-op, where the screen is split and you can choose which characters you’d like on each of your teams. After making it through so many rounds you encounter a final boss stage before unlocking the next zone. Coins are gained and can be used to continue when defeated or you can save these coins to get updates later on.

Despite the fact the controls are incredibly simple compared to previous entries the game is still challenging as you must master each character’s abilities, some much easier than others and in campaign mode you’re focused to use the character that belongs to the zone you’re progressing through. After that they unlock as a player you can add onto your team. 

The game is very fluid and runs excellently and the 2-player co-op campaign is so much more fun, we’re surprised they hadn’t thought of it before. We love the story line and being able to play as each character and their own quirky abilities. The game also has weekly online challenges via the Wario Cup modes along with extra modes upon completion of the campaign.

So, should you buy WarioWare Get it Together? We had an absolute blast during our first play-through and it’s the kind of game you can play and replay, whether alone or with up to 4 friends. If you love party games then you’ll absolutely love WarioWare Get It Together on the Nintendo Switch! If you’re expecting more than a few hours in campaign mode then you may be disappointed though.


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