Sega Mega Drive Controller for Nintendo Switch


One of the September Nintendo Direct highlights was the reveal that Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) games were coming to the Nintendo Switch. To go along with this, Nintendo unveiled that a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) controller is releasing alongside the games. Both controllers will be wireless.

The SEGA Genesis controller for Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a release date yet but we do know how to get it. Only Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to purchase the controller and it will cost $49.99 at launch.

Nintendo posted to Twitter about the controllers to confirm more information will be coming at a later date. However, the controller is expected to only be on the Nintendo Shop.

Three-button or Six-button?

Nintendo confirmed to Polygon ( that there will be a six-button and a three-button version of the SEGA Mega Drive controller. Sadly, the six-button controller is exclusive to Japan and everywhere else will be getting the three-button version.

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