Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 3 + Z-Flip 3 Review


TL:DR Samsung doubles down on its commitment to a foldable future with the new Fold 3 and Flip 3

The Korean company has presented the third generation of flexible devices with which it intends to correct errors and reduce prices.

The new Galaxy Flip, like its predecessor, is more of a fashion accessory than a smartphone.

Flip and Fold: The same technology but two very different ways of implementing it. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a phone that folds in half to slide better in your pocket but, above all, to be excellent. The Galaxy Z Fold is a 7.5-inch square tablet that folds to look like a traditional phone and has the uncanny ability to attract all eyes when it unleashes its full potential.

The first generation of the Flip has been the obscure object of desire of many users, a luxury accessory rather than a simple ‘smartphone,’ whose primary problem was the price. Not only because $1,749 is a very high outlay for any mobile, but also because for that price, it lacked super high-end qualities, such as the 120 Hz refresh rate or faster charging. In this third instalment of the Flip, Samsung has corrected some mistakes, improved several of its qualities, and reduced the price.

The Galaxy Flip 3

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is shown as a ‘smartphone’ less elegant but more youthful and casual in the first contact. On the back, a large black area that houses one of its significant innovations is striking: a secondary screen up to four times larger than the original that will allow the user to check notifications without unfolding the phone or take selfies with the main cameras, previewing the result on a panel that is much larger and more usable.

The inner screen has also been improved in terms of the less plastic feel and the refresh rate, which is now 120 Hz. Like the Flip 5G, this third version has the latest processor: the Snapdragon 888. As for the cameras, there are no new features, which is not necessarily bad news, since the 12 and 10 MP sensors that Samsung incorporates in its flagships have proven efficiency.

The Galaxy Fold 3

At first glance, the Galaxy Fold 3 has changed less. Its lines are straighter, its style more elegant, and its construction, in general, more solid.

The external display is now also 120 Hz, which may invite the user to use it more, but the truth is, you enjoy the Fold more when it is displayed in all its 7.5-inch super AMOLED high refresh rate splendor.

The most striking new feature of this third installment is unseen. It is a camera that is semi-hidden under the folding panel and has only 4 MP. Samsung ensures that this is a more than acceptable resolution for video conferencing. The feeling of immersion is much more fantastic, thanks to the ability to hide the black hole. In our first contact, we must say that the gap does not disappear completely, but it is pretty disguised, and the effect is charming.

Otherwise, the Z Fold 3 has the Snapdragon 888 and a battery that, although is 100 mAh less than last year’s, promises to hold better than the Flip and has allowed it to reduce a little weight. Unfortunately, fast charging hasn’t improved either.

The new Fold is also waterproof and Samsung has finally reduced its price, although it is still exorbitant at $2,099. However, the user gets a cell phone and a small tablet, two in one.


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