Salt And Sacrifice PS5 Gameplay Preview

Mike Alexander
Salt And Sacrifice PS5 Gameplay Preview. We take a closer look at the Souls-Like world of Salt and Sacrifice to see if this 2d metroidvania-esque game holds up on the Playstation.

You are a prisoner. Your days consist of staring at the wall of a dungeon, being served meals through a hole in the only door to your cell. One day, you are approached by the Inquisition. This ancient order of hunters has selected you from your peers of prisoners with the holy honour of hunting down evil magic users in exchange for your freedom. You know of these mages. Their pursuit of forbidden knowledge has twisted and distorted their mind and changed their bodies into massive, unspeakable horrors.

Those are your options. Face near-certain death at the hands of an unearthly being, or stay in your cell and rot. I guess I’d rather go out with an adventure rather than whither away.

An Impossible Mission

This is the world of Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to Ska Studio’s Salt and Sanctuary from 2016. They have once again returned to their 2D Metroidvania Dark Souls mashup with a brand new adventure with even more difficult encounters and features.

With your new designation as a Marked One for the Inquisitors, you will traverse the western frontier and combat the encroaching threats that aim to overtake the kingdom. It won’t be easy, and the nightmares you face will surely bring your end, but each death brings a lesson, and each victory provides you with new tools to aid your quest.

Crafty Criminals

As you make your way through the lands, defeating horrible, twisted foes, you will have an opportunity to harness their power for your own ends.

Using their remains and materials collected throughout your adventure, you will be able to craft weapons, armor, and helpful items using Salt and Sacrifice’s deep, intuitive crafting system. You’ll need to make use of every advantage you get if you hope to be successful in your mission.

Perilous PVP

Salt and Sacrifice adds a multi-layered, faction-based PVP system for those who want to partake in the ultimate test of their abilities. New abilities like unique sprint attacks for each weapon, and handy gadgets like your trusty new grappling hook expand your already densely packed repertoire of moves.

If you’d like to avoid getting stomped out in PVP, you can participate in Salt and Sacrifice’s online co-op with fellow friends and inquisitors. There’s safety in numbers.

A Feast for the Eyes

Salt and Sacrifice uses Ska Studio’s signature art style, updated and more pixel-dense than ever. Each character, monster, and environment looks like a painting come to life, ready to show you horrifying, wondrous things you’ll barely be able to comprehend.

Keep your eyes peeled, though. Ska likes to use their magnificent art to conceal secrets in the environment, right under your nose.


If Salt and Sacrifice is even half as awesome as Salt and Sanctuary, we are all in for something very special. The 2D perspective does nothing to lessen the intensity of the Dark Souls-inspired combat, and its unique visuals set it apart from other games in the same genre.


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