Saints Row Reboot delayed to August 2022


The new Saints Row game was scheduled for release on February 25th 2022 but developer Volition has announced it’s been delayed. Posting to the official website (, Jim Boone made the announcement. 

Chief creative officer at Volition, Jim Boone, explains that their priority is to “create the best Saints Row game yet”. Releasing the game on the originally planned date means it “wouldn’t be up to the standards” the developer has set for themselves. The team requires more time to ensure the game turns out how they want and so the game can be better polished.

Boone is open about the Covid pandemic being the main cause of the delay. This is due to the team transition to working from home which disrupted progress for some time. He also stressed that “everyone adapted very quickly” to the change and that no major changes are being made to the game.

The Saints Row reboot is now expected to release on August 23rd 2022.

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