Rumbleverse PS5 Review

The End of Fortnite? – Rumbleverse PS5 Gameplay Review

In this video Aj takes a preview look at the PS5 version of Rumbleverse to see what playstation players can expect from this awesome brawler battle royale. Is this finally the game to kill Fortnite?!

As a concept, battle royale is incredibly enticing to gamers. It takes the tried and true formula of multiplayer deathmatch, and boils it down to its purest form, where only your raw skill can take you all the way to the end of a match. Unless you’re like me, and manage to somehow hide from every other person on the map long enough to snatch that elusive Victory Royale. Either way, battle royales have come a long way since the days of PUBG, way back in 2017. While Fortnite still manages to dominate the scene, there are many more options that provide experiences for people of many different tastes. If the multi-franchise cartoony buffoonery of Fortnite isn’t to your liking, perhaps you would enjoy a more gritty experience like Call of Duty: Warzone, or Apex: Legends. Not into guns? Maybe the mini-game madness of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, or the magic-flinging action of Spellbreak would be more enjoyable? My point is, battle royale as a genre is constantly evolving, and that fact was never more clear than it was upon the announcement of Rumbleverse, the first wrestling-themed, melee-only battle royale. Will this brawler be able to take on the likes of the other battle royale greats? Only time will tell, but the gameplay previews released so far certainly do look promising. While we wait for Rumbleverse’s release, here are some things you should know.

Rumbleverse is in development at Iron Galaxy, a studio that is known for its many successful ports, but also for some highly regarded fighting games. They are responsible for the deceptively deep fighter Divekick, and the Xbox One’s signature fighting game, Killer Instinct. With a pedigree like that, Rumbleverse is certainly off to a good start. 

The project is described by the developers as a “Brawler Royale”, meaning that instead of guns, you will be dealing damage with your fists and whatever objects you can pick up and smash opponents with. That means no snipers dealing headshots from half the map away. This time, everything is up close and personal, and from what I’ve seen, things are going to get very, very hype. Released gameplay footage shows piledrivers from the tops of tall buildings, bouncing off of a car for an overhead smash with a mailbox, and using a tree for a wall bounce into an aerial suplex. That’s a ton of action, and that was just from a minute and a half long trailer.

Grapital City, the setting for Rumbleverse, is as wacky as the characters that inhabit it (the trailer shows a person in a cat suit fighting a luchador). This pugilist’s playground can handle up to 40 fighters at once, each of which is launched out of a cannon into the play zone at the beginning of every match. From that point, it’s up to each fighter to survive, breaking crates for upgrades and exploring the play area for advantages over the competition like the aforementioned post box that can be used as a weapon. And, like Fortnite, Rumbleverse’s free-to-play nature means that there is no barrier to entry for any possible wrestlers who want to get in on the chaos.


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