Rockstar has taken down the official Agent website

Rockstar has taken down the official Agent website.

It looks like Rockstar has put the final nail in the coffin for Agent. First announced at E3 2009 during the Sony conference, there has been no substaintial news since. It was long suspected that the game has been cancelled. It now looks like Rockstar has quietly confirmed thisi s the case.

The reveal of Agent can still be found online. It was pitched as a Cold War espionage thriller game but very few details were ever given for it. Rockstar created a website for the upcoming game including a brief description of the Cold War setting.

Rockstar abandonned the Agent trademark in 2018 and now, the official website has been taken down. The game has also been removed from the list of Games on the official Rockstar website ( Further confirming that Rockstar has quietly cancelled the game.

It’s been over 10 years since the game was announced without ever getting real updates. While disappointing for many hopeful fans, the news isn’t too unexpected. 

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