Road 96 PS5 Gameplay Preview

Mike Alexander
Is Road 96 on the PS5 worth playing and a worthy addition to the PlayStation line up? We take a closer look at Road 96 on the PlayStation 5. reviewing Road 96 PS5 Gameplay, graphics, mechanics and story.
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For many, road trips are the highlight of their holidays. Waking up early, packing up the car, and setting out before the sun rises, things most people would typically avoid, are all part of the experience. Leaving a place you’re accustomed to on an adventure to a new destination is great, but the real focus of a road trip is the journey. The stops you make along the way, the people you meet, and the sights you see as you drive through new places are where the real memories are made. 

Road 96 takes the age-old concept of a road trip and juxtaposes it with a politically divided country in turmoil, mirroring a certain recent, real-life election. Created by French indie studio DigixArt and published by Plug In Digital, Road 96 weaves a fascinating story with several interlocking storylines that come to a shocking conclusion. But, just like in real life, the best part about this road trip is the journey.

The Ties That Bind

Road 96 is presented to players in an interesting, unique fashion. Over the course of the game, you will embody many different “hitchhikers”, or people attempting to make their way out of Petria

You see, Petria is undergoing an embattled election season, analogous to the US’s own 2016 election. The characters you control will do everything they can to cross the nation’s borders to escape the chaos and clash of ideologies. Occasionally, even illegal or immoral things.

Along the way, you will be both helped and hindered by people all over the political spectrum. The story is full of surprises, and the people you think might be the most helpful may end up being your worst enemies.

Road Side Diversions

As you make your way to the border, you will need to engage in a number of minigames and diversions in order to build up your cash reserves and learn more about world Road 96. 

One moment, you might be a stand-in bartender, while the next moment might have you falling in with a gang of robbers. You’ll also fall in with a detective, and help beta test a homebrew video game in between stretches of driving. You’ll never know what’s waiting for you at the next stop, and this is part of Road 96’s charm.

The story diversions will build out Road 96’s universe, and sets of dialogue choices will determine how they end. Each “run” of Road 96 can end in success or failure depending on the choices you make, the things you say, and how you interact with other characters. One wrong world can be the difference between a successful escape, or a bullet to the head. This will in turn determine the advantages or disadvantages of your next character, so be mindful of your choices. 


Road 96 delivers players a road trip like nothing they’ve ever experienced and a story that will grip them to the very end. It was originally launched on Nintendo Switch and PC in August of 2021 but will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on April 14th, 2022. 


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