Redfall Development screenshots Leaked

Redfall development screenshots have been leaked.

Development screenshots from Redfall have been leaked online revealing a few new glimpses of what we can expect from the game. The screenshots are not representative of the final product and the visual quality of the game could be very different when it finally releases.

The original Imgur post has been taken down now but the images have been reposted on Twitter by various users. Some of the posters haven’t been too positive, while others are much more neutral.

From the screenshots we can see that the gameplay style will be similar to Borderlands and that the game will be set in a seamless open world. It can be played alone or co-op and there will be 6 playable characters to choose from who each have a unique hero ability. One of the characters will have a bird who acts like a drone while another character can cloak themselves for added stealth. Stealth will also be a viable option.

Redfall will release Summer 2022 and we can expect official details to come in the future.


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