Randy Pitchford steps down as the Gearbox Software President

It’s a bit confusing but we’ve broken it down.

Gearbox Software has announced some changes have been made to the executive leadership. Randy Pitchford posted an announcement to Twitter about the change in management at Gearbox Software. Former chief technology officer Steve Jones has been promoted to President of Gearbox Software. However, Pitchford will continue to be the CEO and President of Gearbox Entertainment.

Gearbox Software is the video game development company responsible for developing Borderlands, Battleborn and more. Gearbox Entertainment is the parent company which was acquired by the Embracer Group. So Randy Pitchford is still overseeing the parent company but Steve Jones is now the President of Gearbox Software and will oversee game development.

The announcement tweets from Pitchford also explain his role in the company, what this change means and what the executuve leadership looks like now. The leadership change might sound a little confusing but Randy Pitchford is not leaving Gearbox Entertainment.

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