Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Is Coming…

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile to be announced next month

Tom Henderson, a well-known industry leaker, has announced (https://exputer.com/news/industry/rainbow-six-siege-mobile/) that his sources have told him that Ubisioft will announce Rainbow Six Siege Mobile next month. Tencent and WeGame are collaborating on its development. This news comes after months of speculation and rumours about the game possibly being released on mobile devices.

In 2021, Ubisoft conducted a survey of mobile gamers to determine their level of familiarity with Rainbow Six Siege. Tencent also released its fourth quarter earnings call for 2021 yesterday (https://www.tencent.com/en-us/investors.html), which includes “Projects with Ubisoft” under the 2023 timeline. This means that the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile should be available next year.

Henderson adds that Ubisoft will reveal Rainbow Six Siege Mobile next month on April 6th. We can expect the announcement to come with additional details about the upcoming game and hopefully a release date. There’s no official news yet about the upcoming game.


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