QuakeCon 2022 is going Digital

QuakeCon 2022 is getting the Digital treatment.

Bethesda has announced on Twitter (https://twitter.com/QuakeCon/status/1514242005232201737?s=20&t=pmJw-q5tEQcPEsd9KY-g_Q) that its annual QuakeCon event is returning once again and it will be another digital event. QuakeCon has been held as a digital event since 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which has stopped in-person events.

Details for the upcoming QuakeCon 2022 are limited but it will follow the same path as the ones before it. The annual celebration of id Software and Quake began in 1996 and since then it’s evolved into a larger event to encompass everything Bethesda. While it does include a Bethesda game showcase, it’s also one of the largest LAN events in the world. The upcoming event will also include a ‘virtual LAN’ party to continue the tradition.

QuakeCon 2022 is a digital event again but the organisers are committed to creating a new physical event for 2023. Planning has already begun for the next event and assuming there are no major issues next yet, QuakeCon 2023 should be an in-person event.


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BEST Games Coming To Nintendo Switch!

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