Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha footage of Skate

EA releases Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha footage of Skate

EA has released the first official Skate gameplay trailer for the upcoming game, despite the fact that it is still in “pre-pre-pre-alpha” and looks nothing like the final product. The new trailer begins with a bare-bones mechanical showcase with no game textures, indicating that it is not the final game. As the trailer progresses, it gains textures and transforms into something that resembles a game.

It’s an interesting look at Skate while it’s still in its early stages of development because it’s rare to see a game at this stage. The trailer also shows off some of the tricks and what we can expect to see in the future. We can see characters running, climbing and swinging from bars in the new ‘gameplay trailer’ without using a skateboard.

A short highlight reel of strange gameplay bugs was included since games in early development are full of strange things. This includes character models being deformed or moving in strange ways for no apparent reason. These bugs should be removed before launch but for now, it’s pretty funny to see them.


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