Post-Apocalyptic Kirby – Preview

Kirby and The Forgotten Land has been Announced

Nintendo revealed a brand new Kirby game during their most recent Nintendo Direct. Kirby and The Forgotten Land has been slightly leaked prior to the Direct but now we have a trailer to go with it. The new game will be coming early next year.

Kirby and The Forgotten Land is an action 3D platformer set in an apocalyptic city. We know the game will be an open-world and despite the dark setting, the game will keep the classic bright colors the Kirby series is known for. Sadly there were no other details about the gameplay but the trailer does give us a few looks at what we cam expect.

The September Nintendo Direct is available to watch in full on YouTube here ( if you missed it. Nintendo didn’t announce an exact release date for the new Kirby game but they did give us a release period. Kirby and The Forgotten Land will release in Spring 2022.

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