Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex has been leaked

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex has been leaked

While Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be releasing next week, some people seem to have gotten copies of the game earlier. Naturally, they’ve been playing the game and have been uploading unseen content to the internet. Dataminers have also gotten their hands on copies and begun mining it.

Dataminers have already found the full Pokedex for the new update including all the unannounced Pokemon. The infamous CentroLeaks Twitter (https://twitter.com/CentroLeaks/status/1483950991494062080?s=20) account has posted the full Pokedex online with images for each Pokemon. It’s also been posting videos of gameplay from the unreleased game.

Nintendo has been copyright striking as much leaked content as possible which seems to confirm the content is real. Much of the content is slowly being taken down however, more leaked content is being constantly posted online.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will release globally January 28th next week for Nintendo Switch. Some distributors may be sending out pre-orders earlier than this however.

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