Pokemon Legends: Arceus leaks are everywhere


The upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus appears to have been leaked a week ahead of its release date. Spoilers for the game are circulating on the internet. This includes previously unannounced information, unofficial screenshots, and more.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus copies have already been spotted for sale. According to reports, some vendors are already mailing the game to those who pre-ordered it. Poryleeks, a well-known Pokemon leaker, also posted an image on Twitter of the physical game. This was naturally followed by new screenshots and previously unseen video footage from the game.

Twitch streams aren’t common yet but they’re bound to happen as more people get their hands on the game. Considering Nintendo was keeping a lot of information about the game quiet, it’s no surprise players are eager to be the first to leak it.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will officially release on January 28th next week for Nintendo Switch.


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BEST Games Coming To Nintendo Switch!

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