Pokemon Arceus in First Person?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a secret first-person camera

Pokemon Legends: Arceus officially released into the world on January 28th and now everyone have access to it. While it was leaked over a week in advance, seems like players who got their hands on it early didn’t find all the secrets after all. Twitter user TAHK0 has posted a brand new discovery about the game.

TAHK0 has found that’s its possible to zoom the camera into a first-person perspective to see Hisui in a completely different way. Doing this allows you to walk around the world in first-person and explore the new world. However, it’s not possible to catch Pokemon in first-person or do anything else with the camera zoomed in like this.

To check out Hisui in first person you need to hold down the left trigger button to zoom in. The zoom or focus button seems to have multiple uses. It’s not known if the first-person perspective was intentional by The Pokemon Company though.


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