PlayStation’s State of Play was a good one!

PlayStation’s June 2nd State of Play Showcase was a good one

The most recent PlayStation State of Play showcase was broadcast yesterday on June 2nd and was just under 30 minutes long. While the livestream was relatively short, there was still plenty of big news and trailers from the event. It include various new game announcements and trailers for expected upcoming games.

We didn’t get too much new information about each of the games during the livestream but PlayStation has released a series of blog posts to accompany the showcase. Each game is covered in more detail on the official PlaySation blog ( and we can expect more official news drops in the future for each game.

Many of the games included in the State of Play Showcase will be releasing in 2023 for PS4 and PS5. However, it was also revealed that the Spider-Man Remaster will be coming to PC on August 12th this year.


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